P.O.S.T Wellness By Design – 300hr Yoga Teacher Training

Shoulderstand on chairSeptember 2018 – September 2019

This advanced program is registered with the Yoga Alliance as a 300-hour certification program to add to your 200 = (RYT-500).

Advancing the key concepts of teaching such as:

  • Class design, sequencing, pacing, use of voice and hands for hands on adjustments. Creating creative, precise, clear formats that are comprehensive and interesting
  • Exploring the concepts of the psychology and philosophy of Yoga, including Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, texts of Hatha Yoga, and the Five Kosha Model
  • Using tools to teach exceptional classes by developing themes that involve your students at every level of their being

Training information:

Learn the elements of yoga including asanas, pranayama, body awareness, guided imagery, meditation, mudras and deep relaxation.

5 hour segments on 2 weekends a month (mostly) for one year – Sept. 2018- Sept. 2019

Only $18 per class hour or less if early registration is applied.
Early registration ends March 8, 2018!

Amazing staff members include Jean Grant-Sutton, Baxter Bell, Mitchell Kauk, Tony Briggs, Anne O’Brien, Anodea Judith, Deacon Carpenter, Rhonda Gerhard, Deb Reid, Cheryl Thomas and more.

Sign up now for program starting Sept. 8th, 2018

At P.O.S.T. Wellness by Design, 224A Weller St. Petaluma CA 94952

More info and registration here!