2022 Retreats

Mexico - Jan 29-Feb 5, 2022
- April 30-May 10, 2022

Montana - July 23-30, 2022



Yelapa, Mexico

January 29-February 5, 2022



Yoga Retreat and Travel Adventure

April 30-May 10, 2022

Join Baxter for his 7th season in the magical town of Yelapa, and his second year hosting this yoga adventure at the lovely retreat center, Pura Vida. Located at the end of the bay an easy 10 min walk from the pueblo of Yelapa, Pura Vida is a perfect place to cultivate what Costa Ricans call “Pura Vida” or Pure Life.

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In yoga, we call the underlying energy of life Prana, and there is lots of it here, including on the open-air yoga deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean that will be our home base for our twice daily yoga sessions, designed to be accessible to students of all levels, including those new to yoga.

Yelapa, reached only by boat, takes people back in time enhancing the feeling of “getting away from it all” and invites participants to remember the simple life. Walking the beach, hiking in and out of the village, crossing the lagoon, walking up river, getting in waterfalls all create a sense of grounding in this other cultural world steeped in nature...

Another Magical Mystery Yoga Tour with Baxter Bell, MD and Melina Meza!

Labyrinthine medieval cities, sprawling sand dunes, shops piled high with exotic spices, rugs and pottery, kasbahs, camels, mountains and ocean, Morocco is a land of vivid contrasts. It is the gateway between two continents, Europe and Africa, and home to ancient traditions and diverse peoples. This tour is a cultural immersion of Arab, European and African influences.

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We meet in the famed Casablanca, travel north to the capital, Rabat, and then on to Fes, the Atlas Mountains and end in Marrakesh. All along the way we will visit souks, medinas, mosques and other important sites, led by an educated and informed English speaking guide. We’ll have yoga classes with Baxter and Melina, eat excellent and interesting food and immerse in the beauty, diversity and mystique of Morocco.

Feathered Pipe Ranch


Yoga, Nature, and You!

July 23-30, 2022


When we experience awe in our lives, whether from being in nature, hearing an incredibly beautiful piece of music, or at the end of a sublime yoga practice, we are both overwhelmed by the power of the moment and our limited experience of “self” is expanded. And it feels incredible!


Now, modern research is confirming the benefits of regular doses of “awe” on our health and well-being. This 7-day retreat will help you cultivate practices and opportunities to bring more awe into your everyday life through your yoga practice, guided experiences in nature, immersion in sound and more!

Invite a friend new to Feathered Pipe and you both save $100!

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